8 Last Meals of Celebrities We’re Dying to Tell You About

You know the feeling that you get after eating an awesome meal – when you sit back and think “If they don’t have that in heaven, I’m not going…”? We’ve all been there. But, if there is truly no food in heaven, because we would’ve gotten past our materialistic desires, then we must make sure that our last meal is something memorable. Is this getting too morbid for you? Then let’s take the focus away from ourselves and see what the rich and the famous ate for their last meals.

1) Princess Diana

pricess diana

Just before the fateful car crash that broke hearts worldwide, Princess Diana ate a mushroom and asparagus omelette, Dover sole and vegetable tempura at the Ritz hotel.

2) John F Kennedy


On the day of his assassination, Kennedy was served an all-American breakfast at the Hotel Texas; coffee, orange juice, two boiled eggs, toast and some marmalade.

3) Ernest Hemmingway


Many war veterans have written pieces that explore the mental anguish that the war caused them, and the state of depression that it left them in. One such writer was Hemingway who had a New York strip steak, baked potato, Caesar salad and a glass of Bordeaux before shooting himself.

4) Adolf Hitler


When he realised that his war was lost, Hitler choose to spend his last meal discussing inane topics like dog breeding methods while eating spaghetti. He then took his own life.

5) Saddam Hussein


Hussein was another dictator who chose to have a simple last meal; boiled chicken and rice with honey steeped in water.

6) Rasputin


Rasputin’s last meal is rumoured to have been poisoned. He ate pure Russian fare; black bread, honey cakes and Madeira wine.

7) Julia Child

julia child

Child was lauded for popularising French cuisine in America. She had a bowl of French onion soup before passing away after a cardiac arrest.

8) Mahatma Gandhi


Before the nightly walk which would be his last, Gandhi had a glass of goat’s milk, cooked vegetables, oranges and a mixture of ginger, lemons, butter and aloe vera juice.

Were you fascinated by these last meal stories? Interestingly enough, you can buy a cookbook entitled ‘Their Last Suppers: Legends of History and Their Final Meals’, which explores the last meals of the famous and provides recipes to replicate the dishes.