8 Juice Spots I love in Chennai

Summers in Chennai can take a toll on you. It is really important that you keep yourself hydrated at all times and the best way you can do that is to visit all the juice shops around the city. Here are some of the best to quench your thirst!

1. Juice Lounge


Located at Phoenix Market City, Velachery, this small juice shop has the crowd coming back for more. You can find anything from Fresh juice to protein shake here. The best part of this shop is it is pocket friendly!

2. The Fruit Shop

This place is not new to us. Everyone’s had fresh juices or milkshakes there and each of us have our personal favourites. Their pineapple bonanza is my favourite drink!

3. Grand Fresh on Ellis Road


We know for a fact that happiness comes in small packages. Grand fresh juice shop is tucked away in the by lanes of Ellis Road. This small little serves happiness in tall glasses. My colleagues and I visit this place quite often to relax and chill over fresh juices and shakes after a long day’s work. Don’t miss trying their mango milkshake and Mousambi juice when you are here.

4. Big Sip


If you are a fan of juice combos with wacky names, this is the place to be at. Did you ever dream that carrots and bananas would go together? Well, neither did I till I tried “Carban”. Their orange-strawberry combo called “Retro” would make you want to do the moves.

5. Juice Pump


The vibrant interiors will pump you up as you enter the shop. Their Muskmelon and Carrot juice must be a drink of the Gods – so good!

6. Juice Forest


ECR is known for its eats. You find the whole stretch filled with eateries, big and small alike. The one place you have to be at if you haven’t already is Juice Forest. This small shop serves cold juices and shakes that will leave you refreshed and energized.

7. Brothers Juice

A small shop on the IT Highway, Thuraipakkam, sees people walking in for the sandwiches and juices. There is always something different on the menu everytime.

8. Juice Aholic

As the name suggests, this place in Nandanam will leave you an addict by the time you leave the place.