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8 Jewellery designs that will tell you why Fashion is Hungry Forever


Fashion rang up food and asked it to come up with a couple of designs. Food said, “Dude, people will eat inedible things!”. Fashion said, “Rad!”. Here’s a collection of 8 pieces of jewellery that were designed by some very hungry designers. 

1. The Balanced Diet

image jewellery.1

2. Did I hear you say Cookie?

image jewellery.2

3. The Cupcake Club has just placed an order

image jewellery.3

4. I’m earring Pizza a lot, lately.

image jewellery.4

5. Japan, you’ve rolled a good one

image jewellery.5

6. Bacon- baked, fried, deep fried and glittered.

image jewellery.6

7. I’m swinging with the Avocado! Cados to you!

image jewellery.7

8. Yes, I’ll marry you for that ring!

image jewellery.8