8 Insanely Dangerous Foods That People Are Not Afraid To Stomach

Remember that man in the carnival who breathes out fire – or for the more knowledgable ones, sprays out spirit? Either way, spirit (not alcohol) and fire both are extremely hazardous things to put in your mouth! But there are people out there who eat – actually relish – hazardous stuff. Of course, they don’t eat fire and gulp spirit but it’s life threatening nonetheless. And no they don’t get paid to do it in a carnival, it’s voluntary! Fugu for instance, a Japanese fish that has poison more toxic than cyanide in its intestines and ovaries; blood clams if not cooked well can cause influenza! Stop smirking all you vegetarians because even fruits and vegetables like Ackee – Jamaica’s national fruit, by the way – and Tapioca can produce harmful substances and cause death if not prepared right – basically it’s just about cooking it right, no biggie. Here are 8 deadly foods that are famous world over.