8 Indian Dishes That The Beautiful Deepika Padukone Absolutely Loves

The statuesque Bollywood beauty, Deepika Padukone captured thousands of hearts in ‘Om Shanti Om’ with her honest performance and those enchanting doe eyes. Years after her premier film, she continues to be one of Bollywood’s top actresses. But, while we can all quote some of her more memorable lines, did you know that Deepika Padukone loves her Indian khana? Well, now you do – and we’ll give you more to go on; here are some of Padukone’s all-time favourite Indian dishes. Who knows; maybe if we eat like her, we’ll get closer to looking like her?

Maharashtrian Varan
















Padukone tells FirstPost.com that the first dish she turns to when she’s back home from travelling is Varan; a traditional Maharashtrian dal dish, with tomatoes and potatoes.

Khichdi with Pickle















Padukone’s comfort food of choice is a plate of nutritious khichdi, another dal based dish with a side of pickle.

Idli Sambar
















Being a South Indian, Padukone is naturally a fan of idli, dipped into or doused in sambar.

Medu Vadas from CTR in Bangalore





















In a Times of India piece on Padukone, she reveals that she enjoys the medu vadas at Central Tiffin Room, a popular South Indian joint in Bangalore.

Masala Dosas from CTR in Bangalore
















Padukone also loves the masala dosas from CTR, which many vouch serves the ‘perfect’ dosas, with a crisp outer cover, a spicy potato stuffing and a dollop of white butter.

Tomato Rasam















Padukone’s love for rasam is no secret; she’s even happily shared her recipe for the spicy broth on the Times of India.

Sev Puri













From an interview she did with FirstPost, we learnt that Padukone’s favourite street food is sev puri; especially from Ram and Shyam in Santa Cruz.

Manglorean Seafood














Deepika is an unfussy non-vegetarian and especially likes seafood prepared in a Mangalorean style; think fish curry and prawn curry eaten with kori rotti, which is made of rice flakes soaked in gravy.

South Indian Filter Coffee




















Like a true South Indian, Padukone loves cups of road side filter coffee. However, when that’s not available we’re sure she’d be happy with a cup of Nescafe (the ads sort of clued us in).