8 Ina Garten Recipes For The Chocolate Lovers

A renowned TV personality, author, cook show host and a culinary icon, Ina Garten is a name almost every foodie and cooking enthusiast has come across. Apart from the yummy delights that she puts together in the kitchen, Garten is best known for her Food Network program Barefoot Contessa.

Garten has penned a number of cookbooks previously and her tenth one is on way. This one’s dedicated to the author’s husband, Jeffrey Garten. *silently “awws”* “I started cooking for Jeffrey when we were married 48 years ago, and it was preparing comforting, delicious meals for him that really became the basis for my career in food,” Ina says on her website.

The cookbook, Cooking for Jeffrey, will be on shelves this October 25th (preorder here). And while Ina’s better half feasts on her culinary delights, here are 10 chocolate rich desserts you can make at home, hoping they are as good as what Jeffrey is getting served.


  1. Baked Chocolate Pudding

This sinful pudding and brownie hybrid is special. Ina whipped up the gooey chocolate-centered dessert for the couple’s 40th wedding anniversary. Get the recipe here.brownie-pudding-30


  1. Beatty’s Chocolate Cake

A signature chocolate cake from the Garten kitchen, this one is rich on the inside and filthy rich on the outside. The currency here being chocolate, of course. Get down to baking with this recipe.feature image ina garten


  1. New York Egg Cream

A lot like ice cream soda, the New York Egg Cream is one of the Gartens’ favorite retro diner preparations. Here’s how you can make some.new york egg cream


  1. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies

This scrumptious cookie is a part of Garten’s ‘comfort lunch’ selection along with the aforementioned New York Egg Cream. Such comfort! Learn how to make it here.PBChocolateChunkCookies-small


  1. German Chocolate Cupcakes

Featured in the Barefoot Contessa episode titled ‘Birthday Surprise’, Garten baked these delicious cupcakes for her friend Dwyer Derrig. Goes without saying, these were Derrig’s birthday surprise. If only we had friends like Ina. Here’s the recipe.german chocolate cupcake


  1. Deeply Chocolate Gelato

Where there’s chocolate, there’s gelato. The recipe was featured in the Barefoot Contessa episode where Ina cranked up the taste game of everyday favorites. This rich deeply chocolate gelato is her special take on the common favorite, Chocolate Ice Cream.deeply chocolate gelato


  1. Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake with Ganache

Served to the original Barefoot Contessa storeowner, this cheesecake with ganache was a “trip down memory lane lunch” for Garten. Damn, even her memories are delicious! Get the recipe here.chocolate espresso cheesecake


  1. Chocolate Orange Mousse

With just the right amount of coco and the perfect measure of tangerine to graze the sweet, this mousse is the best way to seal your dinner with some chocolate. Follow this recipe.Chocolate-Orange-Mousse-HERO-5054c9d2-4937-4195-8776-8db66ff427b6-0-472x310


We’re Ina very chocolaty place right now. *drooling*