8 Helpful Tips If You’re Thinking Of Turning Vegetarian This World Vegetarian Day

Today we say hello to World Vegetarian Day, a day that ushers in World Vegetarian month, which tries to increase awareness and appreciate the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. What better day, then, to try going vegetarian? Here are a few tips if you’re on the brink of taking the plunge.

Know Your Reasons


Are you going vegetarian because of health reasons? Concern for animals? Religious reasons? It’s always best to identify the exact reasons for a change in lifestyle, so you can reaffirm them every time you find yourself craving some meat.

Ease Yourself In


Don’t give up meat cold turkey (no pun intended). Instead, start by increasing the amount of veggies you eat and substituting red meat and poultry with seafood. Then, gradually cut down your intake of seafood and one day you’ll find you’re purely vegetarian!

Come Armed With Recipes


As you prepare to go vegetarian, try out a large range of meat free recipes. That way, you’ll find some go- to delicious meals that you can substitute your Sunday meat feast with. Try out these recipes and see if any work for you.

Make Vegetarian Versions Of Favourite Meals


You don’t have to give up a traditional meal for Friday family dinner just because you’re going vegetarian. Instead, find a way to make the same dish sans the meat; the internet is your greatest tool!

Look For Meat Alternatives


Look for faux meat products like meatless hot dogs and hams at grocery stores. Soy products will give you the texture of meat that you’re missing.

Take A Veggie Cooking Class


If you’ve been cooking with meat your whole life, the chances are that you’re not too familiar with vegetable flavours and seasonings that work well. Sign up for a veg cooking class and elevate your cooking skills; it’ll make enjoying your new lifestyle so much easier!

Eat Out


More and more restaurants are becoming health conscious and including a range of pure vegetarian options on their menu. Treat yourself to a meal out once in a while; you deserve it!

Spread The Word


Let your friends and family know what you’re doing, and what it means to you. They’ll try to help find ways to keep you on the veggie wagon.