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8 Vitamin Rich Foods for the Ladies to Load Up On



Women are known to suffer from osteoporosis, a disease that weakens and thins bones, making them fragile and prone to fractures. It is just that America has it statistics in place, but women all over the world are inclined toward osteoporosis, so it is best to take in the right kind of food and prevent the disease. Taking in calcium is one way to prevent osteoporosis, and to get enough of vitamin D.  The two nutrients together are essential for strong bones.

When we don’t have enough calcium, the body takes it from our bones; therefore we just have to eat right. Vitamin D helps protect bones and the body to absorb the ingested calcium, so less of Vitamin D may lower bone density. It may be difficult to get the vitamin D because very few foods naturally contain vitamin D, unless like milk which is fortified with the vitamin. But let us look at the sunny side of life! Sun is the best source of vitamin D. It is available throughout the year and ladies just bathe and bask in its glory. Yet if you are not getting enough calcium and vitamin D then ask your health care provider for supplements! But first try the food route!

Sunny Side Up


Eggs offer a healthy dose of vitamin D. But, just egg-white omelets for weight watchers, will not give you the benefit of vitamin D, because it is only in the yolk we find vitamin D. So crack two eggs, and skip one yolk and add in the veggies!

Sip the Milk


A glass of milk is a wholesome meal, for everyone from kids to adults to strengthen their bones. Women should look for milk fortified with vitamin D and go for one that’s nonfat or 1 % fat content, which would be lower in saturated fat and cholesterol.

Yoghurt Flavours


Eat yoghurt, it is an easy snack for any time of the day. Yoghurt is rich in calcium, iodine, protein, zinc, vitamin B12, vitamin B5, potassium, riboflavin and phosphorous. Have flavoured yoghurt with plenty fruits and you will get in all the vitamins

Cheese and Choice


Cheese is rich in calcium and is often fortified with vitamin D. The fermentation process is known to increase the calcium content. There is any number of cheeses to choose from and low fat cheese means healthier for you. .

Greens are Great


There are a host of greens to choose from. Kale and other spinach are great and provide nondairy form of calcium, for those, who are lactose intolerant. All we have to do is blanch the green leaves and add it to our favourite dishes.

Start with Orange Juice

orange-juice for women_compressed

Start your day with a glass of orange juice. You get plenty choices in the supermarket Nowadays many juice makers fortify their orange juice to contain calcium and vitamin D. Plus there is potassium, folate and thiamin in it.

Pink Salmon


Salmon is rich in vitamin D. Not only salmon, most fatty fish like tuna and mackerel also contain vitamin D and they are good tasting fish so go for it. Bake fish, mushroom and spinach in Béchamel Sauce and enjoy yourself. 

 Soy beverage


Soy drinks are a good source of vitamin D. We can get calcium easily, but calcium needs the support of vitamin D. The supermarkets have a host of flavoured drinks, which are healthy and low in calorie that can be enjoyed!