8 Harry Potter Recipes To Celebrate Your Love For The Wizarding World

Fantastic Beasts and where to find them is currently in cinemas and receiving positive reviews from most. Personally, we’re absolutely delighted to be immersed in the world of magic again – this time, however, we’re taken to the streets of New York with author of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ Newt Scamandar as a protagonist.

To celebrate the release and the positive response, we’ve rounded up a list of our favourite Harry Potter recipes; why not whip these up for your Sunday brunch and discuss the movie?


Butterbeer is perhaps one of the most iconic drinks from Harry Potter world. Especially popular amongst Hogwarts students, it’s sold at The Three Broomsticks, Hog’s Head and the Leaky Cauldron. Made out of butter, sugar, water and with a slight alcohol content (house elves have been known to get drunk off it) it tastes a little like butterscotch. Head here for a simple recipe!



If you’re looking for a drink with a little more of a kick try making some Firewhisky at home – Harry, Ron, Hermione and Malfoy all find themselves having a sip or two in The Cursed Child. Popular brands are Ogden’s Old Firewhisky and Bilshen’s Firewhisky but you can make your own with this recipe.


Harry’s Birthday Cake

When Hagrid first visits Harry and The Dursleys at that tumble down shack in the middle of the sea, he gives him a pink birthday cake which is slightly squashed. This delicious cake is a symbol that things are about to get better for Harry. Of course, when Dudley tries to eat it, he’s rewarded with a pig’s tail. That’s not going to happen to you if you try this recipe; all you’ll get awarded with is a lip-smacking cake.


Pumpkin Pasties

Pumpkin Pasties are a staple on the Hogwarts Express; you’ll recall that Cho Chang first makes her appearance when she’s asking the Trolley Lady for pumpkin pasties. These are delicious snacks to have when you’re feeling peckish or as a light dessert.


Mrs Weasley’s Corned Beef Sandwiches

Mrs Weasley’s corned beef sandwiches also make an appearance on the Hogwarts Experess but quickly get abandoned when Harry buys everything The Trolley Lady has to offer. We can’t imagine why; we know Mrs Weasley is an excellent cook. See if you can recreate her sandwiches with this recipe.


Treacle Tart

Treacle tarts are served in the Great Hall feasts as Hogwarts. Harry enjoys them so much that he gets the smell of them whenever he’s near Amortentia, a love potion. Here’s the recipe.


Knickerbocker Glory

Before we were introduced to all the magical foods, we first saw Harry enjoying a Knickerbocker Glory as a treat after Dudley reuses to eat it. Make a delicious strawberry knickerbocker glory with this recipe.


Hagrid’s Rock Cakes

A month ago, before we knew exactly what Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find them was about we shared a recipe for Hagrid’s rock cakes. It seemed fit considering Hagrid’s obsession with fantastic beasts. Unlike Hagrid’s these won’t break your teeth; give them a try.