8 Halloween Costumes For The Ultimate Foodie

Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re dressing up this year, like we are, we thought we would share some of our ideas on how to go as food for this year’s Halloween parties. Is it dorky? Of course not, unleash the inner foodie in you! 

For those of you, who aren’t too much on the creative side, we have added a few costumes you can buy from a store. 

A Doughnut Costume 

Thanks to studiodiy.com, you can make yourself a doughnut costume with just some paint and coloured foam hair curlers. For the complete instructions, click here



Cotton Candy Costume 

According to cieradesign.com, all you need is a pink dress, pillow stuffing and a can of spray paint! Want the complete instructions? Click here



Bacon and Eggs Costume

Do you and your best friend or partner want to go as everyones favourite breakfast? Thanks to Fancy Dress Ball, you can!


Cupcake Costume 

We love you sheknows.com for this delicious looking and pretty cupcake costume. Who wouldn’t want to eat you if you’re dressed in this? Looking for the full instructions? Click here



Spaghetti and Meatballs Costume 

You’ll need tons of beige yarn and a few brown poms-poms to look like a delicious mess! Click here for instructions


 Homemade Crocembouche and Chef

Another one from studiodiy, where you and your partner can look absolutely synched up! Get instructions here


Chinese Takeout Costume 

You can be everyone’s favourite home-delivery for the night with this appetising costume! Buy at PrankPlace.com


Bag of Jelly Beans Costume 

Fill a clear garbage bag with multicoloured balloons and wear it to be a ‘Bag of Jelly Beans’ for the night. Thanks to catching fireflies.com for this one. 


Sushi Costume 

Love Sushi? Go as your favourite Japanese food with this delicious costume. Instructions by Erica Chung can be found here