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8 Hacks To Help You Better Enjoy Your Bottle Of Beer!


After a long day, sometimes all we want to do is kick back with a chilled beer. But, we arrive at home and find that the beer has been sitting on the counter all day and is disappointingly warm. O,r one of our dear family members’ has lost the openers, so we’re left with a tantalising bottle of cold beer and no way to get it open.

Luckily for you, these scenarios are a thing of the past. We’ve found a handy info graphic put together by Serenata Flowers which will help you have that beer when you want it (immediately) and how you want it (cold).

Beer Cubes


If your beer is stubbornly warm, don’t dilute it with ice cubes. Instead make some beer ice cubes ahead of time.

Cooling Beer


Is your fridge overflowing with leftovers from last year? No need to throw those out (well, maybe you should); just use these office supplies to store a bunch of beers easily.

Opening Bottles


Everyone has some A4 paper laying around. This one may take a little practice.

Marking Beer Territory


Sticking your name on your beer bottle is so immature. Instead, subtly wrap a rubber band around it and you’ll make sure no one is finishing your favourite brand.

Ice Cubes


This is handy if you didn’t think ahead to make beer cubes and have a freezer packed with ice cubes instead.

Quick Cooling


Did you know that salt had magical freezing properties? Well, neither did we!

Quick Freezing


Another hack to cool down that lukewarm bottle quickly.

Pumpkin Keg


With Halloween approaching, this keg would be perfect for a themed party. Bonus points if you carve a little face on the pumpkin!