8 Foods That Are Extremely Harmful and You Might Want to Stay Away From


To eat is to survive. We have evolved in terms of food consumption. A big turning point in the history of our existence was when we first discovered the palatability of cooked meat. There was no looking back after that right? Everything that looked edible would be popped into our mouths for a taste! Whatever didn’t kill made us stronger, or so we make believe. Here is a list of food that people in different parts of the world consume that can, when consumed in copious amounts, be extremely dangerous. While some of the items on this list are rarely consumed, there are people out there who are absolutely adventurous when it comes to food. But adventurous or not, a few items on this list will be found in your kitchen one time or another and it’s unbelievable that they could be so harmful. Read on to know what we humans consume that can be harmful for us.

1. Fugu – Pufferfish


This Japanese delicacy must be prepared by experts only. In fact, chefs need to have a license to prepare this fish. There are parts of the fish such as the skin and certain organs that contain a deadly poison. If this poison is consumed it can cause paralysis and even lead to asphyxiation.

2. San Nak Ji


The San Nak Ji, a Korean delicacy, is an octopus that is eaten alive. No cooking this one! You have really got to chew this one because its suction cups can get stuck on your throat again leading to asphyxiation. Not for the squeamish and definitely not something to try if you are not sure of being able to go through with it!


3. Nutmeg


This spice is many a chef’s favourite. Everyone loves a dash of nutmeg in their food for the nutty aroma and flavour that is distinct of it. However, it can be dangerous if consumed in large amounts. Even two grams of this spice can cause you to hallucinate. Now it must dawn on you why they add just a pinch of nutmeg powder to the food and never more!

4. Potato

Green Potatoes

Yes potato! The world’s favourite ingredient can be potentially dangerous. Well, not the potato itself but the green tubers that grow out of it and also the leaves and stems are extremely poisonous. So remember to cut out any green bits of the potato, especially if the potato has started to go green on a side.

5. Cherries


Not the fruit but the seeds. In fact, even the apple seeds and nut seeds such as apricots. The seeds contain cyanide, a very little amount which is released if you were to chew the seed. Of course, you would have to eat a lot of pits which won’t really happen but it’s better to avoid it!

6. Chillies


Chillies in excess are not good for health. They contain a substance called capsaicin which is what gives chillies it’s heat and this substance is used in paint strippers and pepper spray.

7. Elderberries


Often used in medicine, jams, and tea the leaves and twigs of this plant are poisonous and so are the seeds. Of course you never eat a fruit unripe so technically you’re pretty safe.

8. Raw Cashews


Raw cashews are highly poisonous. The raw cashews you get are not actually raw because they have been tempered to remove the poison that can cause allergic reactions.