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8 food filled Instagram handles!


Are you a lover of food, photography and everything fine and flavoursome? It looks like every type of food is having a little moment to shine in the spotlight on Instagram these days. Here’s a sneak peek into some great Instagram handles that you’ll not regret visiting.

Warning: If you have not eaten in 3 hours or more, proceed with extreme caution or have a pile your great tasting food in front of you. For what you see next may cause a deadly stomach rumbling.



ABC Kitchen is one of Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s many restaurants in New York City. While the restaurant can be tricky to get into, its Instagram doesn’t need reservations. I’m sure you like the ring f it!



The website Food52 aims to help people become better, smarter, and happier cooks. It features recipes, articles about food, and an active user community. Its Instagram is filled with goodies the founders and their followers are cooking. Ready to be a happier cook, are you?



Covers a wide range of food photos, from a traditionally hefty hamburger & fries to a surprise what-is-that treat. Definitely a treat to the eyes, I guarantee that. Yes, experience speaks!



This explicitly-named account leans more on the savory lunch-and-dinner food photos. Oh, let me warn you that this Instagram handle is extremely dangerous when you have to skip lunch to work on that urgent meeting and somehow wander on to Instagram. Here’s a taste.



Marcus Nilsson is a talented food photographer who works with magazines like Martha Stewart and Bon Appétit. His Instagram allows followers to go behind the scenes on some of his most famous cover shoots. Get astounded by variety, depth and creativity.



Joann Pai is a food and lifestyle photographer out of Vancouver who uses Instagram to document the places she goes and the delicious things she eats there. Slice of Pai is totally a delicious reason to click on that follow button.



These aren’t just your everyday photos of someone’s dinner. They celebrate the food, season by season. Ain’t that reason enough to drool?



Want to have great tête-à-tête about all dishes Indian and delicious? Food Talk India aims to maintain the quality of conversation between its members.

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