8 Disney Recipes That Will Put You On Parr With Those Cartoon Chefs

Cook like Remy!

Recently, we put together a list of our favourite Disney food moments. While it made us very sentimental about our childhood, we also realised something. Hold on! These cartoon chefs were way better cooks than us! Well that wouldn’t do at all. So, we scoured the internet to find some Disney inspired recipes that we could recreate at home to restore our wounded pride. Whether you’re in the same boat as us, or just want to throw a Disney themed party these recipes will sort you out.

Remy’s Ratatouille

Remy's Ratatouille with Poached Eggs | Inspired by Disney ♦ Pixar's Ratatoullie

Now we can make Remy the rat’s famous ratatouille in our very own kitchens. We also get to see a little bit of Remy coaching us as we try to make his masterpiece.

Grub Gnocchi

Simba's Slimy Yet Satisfying Grub Gnocchi Recipe | Inspired by Disney's Lion King

Don’t worry, this hasn’t got actual grubs in it. However, it will remind you of the grub feasts that Timon, Simba and Pumbaa enjoyed.

Eat Me Cake And Drink Me Potion

The adorable cakes won’t make you balloon up and the potions won’t make you shrink, but both will taste magical!

Spaghetti And Meatballs

Planning a romantic night? Make a shared dish of spaghetti and meatballs and hopefully the two of you will meet in the middle of a noodle, just like Lady and The Tramp.

Empire Biscuits

You can now create the empire biscuits from Brave that the triplets loved so much.

‘The Grey Stuff’

This delicious cookies and cream mousse is inspired from Beauty and the Beast and ‘Be Our Guest’, a Beauty and the Best themed restaurant.


In The Princess Diaries, Mia shoves a heaped spoonful of sorbet into her mouth resulting in utter chaos. Take tiny bites of this one!

Fortune Cookies

Homemade Fortune Cookies Recipe for Chinese New Year!

In Freaky Friday, the fortune cookies have magical powers that cause mother and daughter to exchange bodies. These won’t do the same, but they are delicious!


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