8 Delightful Recipes That You Can Make In 2 Minutes


We’re getting ready for the weekend and the last thing we want to do after a tiring month is spend hours in the kitchen fixing up something to munch while lazing on the couch. Luckily, these recipes will help us do more lazing, less cooking, but more eating. Here are some great eats you can fix yourself in just 2 minutes! Talk about simple and fast!


1. 2 Minute Parfait

Enjoy a quick dessert or snack with this 2 minute parfait recipe that’s incredibly healthy and includes some delicious berries and bananas!


2. 2 Minute French Omelet

Who wouldn’t want to make a beautiful french omelet in 2 minutes? This is going to be our go-to omelet recipe when we want one asap.



3. 2 Minute Microwave Chocolate Cake

Here’s a recipe for a chocolaty treat that won’t take long to make! Make this chocolate cake and enjoy it whenever you like.


4. 2 Minute Coleslaw

For that barbecue party you’re throwing, the burger you’re having, or just a little side you’re craving, here’s a super simple coleslaw recipe.


5. 2 Minute Nutella Cake

Nutella cake can be your best friend. All you need is 2 minutes.


6. 2 Minute Pancakes

Make delicious pancakes from scratch with this recipe for 2 minute pancakes. Perfect for breakfast on the run!


7. 2 Minute Spiced Milk

A delicious Indian spiced milk with great flavour, this is a great beverage when you’re looking for a little, quick comfort!


8. 2 Minute Mayonnaise

There’s nothing like homemade mayonnaise. Try this recipe for a simple mayonnaise that you can use for sandwiches, wraps, salads, and just about anything else!