8 Delicious Vegan Dishes In Mumbai To Celebrate World Vegan Day

Happy World Vegan Day foodies! Today, vegans around the world are marking their commitment to veganism which they believe is a better lifestyle, both in terms of human health and in terms of the general well-being of animals and the environment. Whether you’re a diehard vegan or are simply thinking about being vegan for the day, here are some dishes in Mumbai that are completely vegan friendly.

Beet and green pea tikki with green harissa chutney at The Captain’s Table


Chow down on these delicious vegan tikkis paired with a tangy green chutney at The Captain’s Table.

Mexican Avocado Mash Tartine at Le Pain Quotidien

Mashed avocado mixed with goji berries, sesame and cumin sauce atop organic sourdough whole-wheat bread; could it be any more delicious?

Chia Seed Pudding from Bowl bar

Bowl Bar operates with the tagline #thefutureisgreen and has an entire menu filled with vegan treats. Along with their almond milk, the most popular item is this healthy chia seed pudding.

Peppery Vegetables with Tofu at Trikaya


Recommended by PETA, this dish combines exotic spiced vegetables with tofu and fresh chili to create a light, delicious meal.

Quinoa Burger at The Yoga House

Served with a side of hummus and salsa, the Quinoa Burger is The Yoga House’s signature menu item made with quinoa, watermelon seeds, basil, coriander and spring onions.

Crispy Tofu ad Pickles Cucumber Buns at The White Owl


Crisp tofu and spiced cucumber sandwiched together make a delicious treat.

Mushroom and Walnut Pate at The Village Shop

Mushroom and walnut make the perfect pair in this delightful dish.

Breach Candy’s Awesome Okra at SodaBottleOpenerWala


Head to the famous SodaBottleOpenerWala for this delicious dish of deep fried okra in masala.