8 Delicious Recipes For The Ultimate FRIENDS Fan

We’re all FRIENDS fans here, right? Well, who wouldn’t be; the characters are hilarious, relatable and completely kooky in their own unique way. And of course, there’s the food. Since Monica is a chef, Joey is a food-a-holic (he even loved Rachel’s meat ‘trifle) and they spend so much of their time in the coffee house there are countless food moments. As a tribute to the wonderful show, we’ve put together a list of recipes which will help you create those food moments in your very own homes. These will guarantee a great weekend.

Monica’s Tikki Death Punch

Monica whips up the Tikki Death punch in ‘The One With George Stephanopolous’. After having maybe one too many, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe begin spying on the cute diplomat across the road, confessing their past misendevours and throwing pillows of the terrace. If you’ve plans for a girl’s only sleepover, this is what you should make.

8 Delicious Recipes For The Ultimate FRIENDS Fan

Ross’ Sandwich 

Ross’ beloved sandwich is what Monica makes using Thanksgiving leftovers. When a colleague at work steals it, he begins unravelling and eventually loses his job. Yes, the sandwich is really that good. Find the recipe here.


Spaghetti Recipe

After Rachel moves in with Joey, while eating, she drops spaghetti on the carpet. He assures her that it’s no problem at all and proceeds to pick it up and eat it. Must have been some pretty delicious spaghetti right? Get the recipe here.


Monica’s Salmon Mousse

While salmon mousse (or in Joey’s words ‘whipped fish’) doesn’t sound too appetizing, we thin anything made by Monica would be delicious. Well, expect for those things she made with Mockolate. Serve this mousse as an appetizer or as a dip.



There was an entire FRIENDS episode devoted to cheesecake; ‘The One With All The Cheesecakes’. In it, Rachel and Chandler keep eating their neighbor’s cheesecake because it’s just too delicious. Try this recipe and you’ll understand their sentiments.


Birthday Flan

For some reason, Monica thinks it’s a great idea to make Rachel a flan for her birthday instead of a cake. If you want to be hipster like her, try this recipe.


Mac and Cheese

Some can argue that Monica and Chandler’s love story began when she made Chandler Mac and Cheese for Thanksgiving because he couldn’t handle regular Thanksgiving food. Some would say it began in London. Either way, Monica’s Mac and Cheese would have been delicious; try this recipe to recreate it.


Central Perk Coffee

It’s possible that the FRIENDs spent more time at Central Perk than they did at their jobs or even their homes. Perhaps the coffee was just that good? Find out by trying this great coffee recipe.