8 deep fried desserts that are taking over the world

1. Deep fried ice cream

This dessert has silently entered our dessert menu and is a pretty popular sweet-course choice. Ice cream is deep fried and yet, manages to retain the soft, creamy ice cream flavour. You may have a million friends, but sharing fried ice cream is strictly out of the question.
Fried Ice Cream

2. Deep fried Doughnuts

There comes a time in any relationship that you get into ‘The Fight’. And here’s your ticket to getting that apology without butchering the English language. You may have relished all the types of doughnuts out there, but does that list include deep fried doughnuts? The doughnut mixture is kneaded thoroughly and immersed in boiling hot oil till it turns golden brown. Sprinkled with sugar or glazed with a syrup of your choice, these fried doughnuts are definitely scrumptious.

deep fried doughnuts

3. Deep fried Coke

Hold on. This isn’t a prank by Coca-cola to get you interested in its sodas. This dessert is very much real and the secret to deep frying coke lies with the fact that coke is mixed with batter to get a smooth composition, and then cooked in hot oil. These coke balls taste best when eaten with syrup, whipped cream or just powdered with sugar.

deep fried coke

4. Deep fried Cheesecake

If there is anything better than a light, spongy cheesecake, it is to cover the cheesecake in batter and deep fry it. Add a coating of powdered sugar and you’ve officially created an unstoppable cheesecake. If you have that one friend who never gets fat despite having a big appetite, you could sneak a handful of these on to their plate. You can apologize later.

deep fried cheesecake

5. Deep fried Pie

A false, crisp outer cover protects the warm chocolate paste inside. The procedure for making this pie is the same, except for the twist at the end where you seal the sweet filling with flattened dough and deep fry it. Do you want people to like you? Hold a plate of fried pies and watch the magic happen.

deep fried pie

6. Deep fried Cupcake

If you’ve been sincerely reading this post, then you can pretty much guess what’s going to happen here. Fried cupcakes? Your first impression may be to scream ‘outrageous’ but a small introduction will convince you otherwise. Cupcakes are deep fried in pancake batter, giving it a hard crumbly outside and a cool, gooey frosting in the inside. You’ll surely not stop with only one bite.

deep fried cupcakes

7. Deep fried fudge

If you ever want to try out a new recipe for a fudge, I would suggest you deep fry it. It may sound a little weird but there are no complaints when it comes to the taste. Deep fry little cubes of fudge in a milk based batter and serve it with a caramel dip. Now, isn’t this an OMG recipe? And kindly keep fried fudges away from children. They have little resistance and greedy appetites.

deep fried fudge

8. Deep fried candy bars

Frozen snickers or mars chocolate bars are smothered with batter and cooked in boiling oil. Deep fried candy bars should definitely be eaten when you are craving for an out-of this-world chocolate experience. If you ever want to test whether your friend, who has promised to adhere to a strict diet, is remaining true to her word, just leave a plate of fried candy bars and watch what happens.

deep fried snickers bar