8 Chocolate Cookies In Mumbai You Must Try


Are the beginning of the week blues still getting to you? We think a little chocolate therapy is in store. This week, have your chocolate in some cookies – here are the most gooey, indulgent chocolate cookies we could find across Mumbai.

Nutella Cookie Cups From Its Your Batter Half

Delicious, Nutella filled delights from Its Your Batter Half!

Chocolate Chip Cookie from Ellipsis Bakery


Ellipsis Bakery makes these delightfully crumbly chocolate chip cookies that you can get delivered. Read more about Ellipsis Bakery here!

Chocolate Chip Cookies from Icing on Top

Want some cookies but feel guilty about the calories? These bite sized treats are your answer; the dissolve the minute they hit your tongue – read more about the wonderful experience here.

Nutella and Seasalt Cookies from Sweetish House Mafia

Nutella and sea salt make the perfect pair in these decadent cookies.

Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow Cookies from Batter Up Cookies & More

There’s nothing better than marshmallows and hot chocolate. Expect when that combination is found in a cookie; celebrate the start of the monsoon with these delights.

Chocolate Chip Cookies at Indigo Deli


These are freshly baked, chewy delights – bite into one and enjoy the explosion of a chocolate odyssey in your mouth.

Chocolate Chip Cookies at House of Cookies

Take your pick between Nutella sea salt and Chocolate chunk cookies from these maestros.

Cookie Pizza from Batter Up India

Want to go all out? Batter Up India makes all your dreams come true with cookie pizzas; this one has brownies, kit kats, oreos, ferreros and kisses.