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8 Burgers that will literally have you drooling on your laptop.


Food Porn step aside and make way for Burger Porn! 

Burger enthusiast Mathew Ramsey has started a new website And one look at the website and you’ll know exactly why he calls it that. The first burger he posted on the website was called ‘The Bambi’ and looks something like this.


After he posted this, he vowed to create an equally extravagant burger once a week for the rest of 2015. The DC-based photographer and video producer has just made our year. He says that he started as a year-long creative challenge. And boy, we are glad he has taken this up. Asked to describe himself, he said, “I am a burger pervert with a propensity for daddy jokes”. He calls his newest burger “all kinds of smutty” because it is attractively smothered in poutine. Way to go, burger perv.

Now let’s take a look at his creations for the year so far and head on to for burgers that will exceed even your wildest fantasies. Don’t worry we will keep it our little secret.

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