8 Biryanis in Mumbai to make you feel like a Nawab

Indians love their rice. From curd rice in the South, to fried rice in the North every region has a favored rice preparation. One rice dish that is popular all over the country is biryani. Aromatic and well spiced biryanis are a crowd favorite in restaurants everywhere. Although Mumbai is quite a distance from Hyderabad, which many vouch serves the best biryani in the country, there are a couple of joints here that hold their head high in the biryani race. We bring you the best of the best.

1) Lucky Restaurant

Where: Bandra


Lucky’s fame as one of the best biryani restaurants in Mumbai has nothing to do with luck. Each pot of biryani is delicately spiced and slow cooked with love.

Order: Mutton biryani, Chicken biryani, Vegetable biryani

2) Kakori House

Where: Oshiwara


Kakori House is famous with Oshiwara and Andheri residents for its succulent, tender kebabs. However you should have the kebabs along with the biryani which is subtle and tasty.

Order: Mutton biryani

3) Northern Tadka

Where: Dahisar

norhtern tadka

If you’re willing to venture deep into Mumbai’s suburbs then make a stop at Northern Tadka. Its North Indian décor and music prepares you for a biryani dish that any Nawab would be pleased to receive. The biryani is served in an earthenware pot, lending it an even more authentic feel.

4) Bagdadi

Where: Colaba


What? A delicious biryani for only one hundred rupees? No, we’re not kidding. Bahdadi serves a mouth- watering beef biryani  which is moist, spicy and has generous helpings of beef.

Order: Beef biryani

5) Biryani by Air

Where: Bandra


If you’re craving authentic Hyderabadi style biryani then Biryani By Air is your biryani mecca. It flies over biryani straight from Hyderabad itself! Don’t prance in there on Monday at lunch expecting to be served – they’re only open on weekends.

Order: Chicken biryani

6) Delhi Darbar

Where: Colaba

delhi darbaar

Experience a great ambiance and the service of some extremely courteous staff as you munch on Delhi Darbar’s vegetarian biryani. You know it’s good when you see me – a voracious meat eater – order the veg biryani instead of the chicken.

Order: Veg biryani

7) Dum Pukht at ITC Maratha


Want a fine dining experience? Go to Dum Puhkt and order the ghost biryani. Enjoy the lavish surroundings as you wait.

Order: Ghost (mutton) biryani

8) Zaffran

Where: Crawford Market


As it stays open till three every morning, Zaffran is popular with late night partiers and drinkers. Their biryani is one of the most delicious, satisfying methods to ward off the next morning’s hangover.

Order: Chicken biryani