8 Best Ice Creams You Must Try In Chennai!

We all scream for Ice Creams and for good reason too. Find out!


54f9443ddf3d4_-_baskin-robbins-superfudge-truffleWhat: Truffle Ice Cream and Chocolate Smoothie

Why we are screaming: This place has been dishing out frozen goodies that we know and love for nearly 70 years now. It feels like a million angels marching down your throat on a hot summer’s day. Truffles are limited edition so it is truly the most exquisite ice cream flavour out there.

Other must haves: Red Velvet Chocolate Cake ice cream with cream cheese frosting


Untitled-1What: Beligian Chocoholic

Why we are screaming: That satisfying feeling you get when you drink water with mint in your mouth. This one is for the sinfully indulgent ice cream aficionado who will go to unpredictable extremes to get his mitts on some creamy ice cream.

Other must haves: Butter Peacan Ballet and Caribbean Almond Fudge

Haagen Dazs


What: Banana Split

Why we are screaming: Strawberries and chocolate ice cream served with crispy waffles and bananas dipped in caramel sauce. It is the only valid action to do, scream.

Other Must Haves: Belgian Waffles Dream

Cream and Fudge


What: Café Au Lait

Why we are screaming: Where do we begin about this one? It is a tub of eclectic flavours and it’ll take you from brain-freeze to Bahamas in no time! So let’s live up to the popular song ‘I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream’ and let out tiny squeals/screams of unrestricted joy!

Other Must Haves: Rocky Road, Cookie Dream, and Oreo Peanut Butter

Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream and Sorbet


What: Under Baked Chocolate Chunk Bar

Why we are screaming: When you’re here, you can expect to see a range of flavours, spunky to the stupendous classics. Who doesn’t like underdone cakes and a scoop of ice cream to go with it? Let that treadmill gather rust. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Other Must Haves: Cocoa Cola Chocolate cake and Rhubarb Strawberry Bitters

Freez Zone:



What: Ferrero Rocher Crackle

Why we are screaming: This flavour has been the favourite of sweet tooths across the universe and when it’s made into an ice cream, anyone would willingly give up their diet goals and devour this like a maniacal, hungry snow man.

Other Must Haves: King Raffle and Royal Noughat




What: Biscotti Bliss

Why we are screaming: Biscotti are twice baked-cookies. Wear ear-muffs because we just turned into overdramatic soap opera actors and our scream decibels just doubled by default. We are also repeatedly saying ‘GIMME IT’ and the only solution to shut our traps is to give us that beautiful ice cream. THANK YOU.

Other Must Haves: Irish Cream Tiramisu and Pina Colada

Cool Cats

Spoons and Banana Split


What: Banana Boat

Why we are screaming: There is no room for being frugal in the ice cream business and they go by the adage “The more the merrier” This is simply an astounding construction of heaven on a boat sized platter, with banana and scoops of ice-cream, sweet sauces and nuts and fruit! DON’T FORGET DA FRUIT!

Other Must Haves: Kaju Kishmish Sundae