8 adorable pictures of Bao Bao and her first Birthday cake

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]id you hear that?

The chant of ‘Oh cute. So, CUTE!’

A star of Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, Bao Bao was the second giant panda cub born from artificial insemination to have made it past her first birthday mark.

This baby panda celebrated her birthday grandly, joined by millions of fans. Zoo keepers were being worked to the bone, trying to contain the massive crowd that couldn’t seem to get enough of this Giant panda cub.

Bao Bao was treated to a frozen cake made explicitly from fruit juices. Here are some stone-melting, adorable pictures of Bao Bao and her delicious birthday cake.

1. This is suspicious. Is it all for me? Why is everyone staring?

Hold on, is that fruit I smell?

 Bao Bao sniffing her birthday cake

2. Take that, giant pandas all over the world. This whole cake is for me!

Bao Bo and cake

3. I’ll take a quick lick and decide-

Decision made. Keep eating.

 Bao Bao eating cake

4. I’m a big girl now, Ma. I can eat all by myself. But first, I must reach this cake.

 Bao bao reaching for cake

5. My goodness, this cake is taller than me. I better grow more. I don’t want to be called ‘short’.

Birthday cake for Bao Bao

6. Eat the whole cake in one bite? Worth a shot.

 Bao Bao likes her birthday cake

7. Saying this cake is huge is an understatement. How do you even eat this thing?

Huge birthday cake for Bao Bao Bao Bao

8. Hey, Zookeeper! If I promise to turn one every day, can I get this cake everyday as well?

 Bao Bao loves cake