7th Sin – Asia’s First All Women Food Truck Opens in Bengaluru

Food trucks are still all the rage in India. The big metros have a variety of food trucks to choose from, and located in many different places around the city. The concept of a food truck is to provide great good on the go, freshly cooked and delivered right there. Food trucks don’t have elaborate meals or dishes, they’re usually sandwiches, wraps and rolls, small plates of creamy, cheesy Italian or Mexican food. It’s a popular concept in America and parts of Europe, but while India has been famous for roadside stalls, food trucks is something that has come about in the last year or so.

And now, Bengaluru has its first all-women food truck!

Archana Singh and a team of seven women have started a food truck in Bagmane Tech Park called 7th Sin and they will be serving ‘glocal food’ – which is global food with an Indian twist. Think the mash up between the words ‘global’ and ‘local’. The best part about this food truck is that it is driven, managed and serviced by women. Making it the first food truck in all of Asia to be run by an all-women team.

On her Facebook page, Archana talked about starting the food truck by saying, “I founded Seventh Sin Hospitality Services, the sin of gluttony, almost a year ago. After successfully running a Bistro for a well known corporate and multiple events we are now here to launch Asia’s only women run food truck.” In the same post, she also added, “This Glocal food truck will be driven by women, talented women chefs whipping up a daily changing menu of comfort food, served by women and of course my gorgeous and inspiring CEO Praveena Nandu who calls the shots and runs the company day in and day out!”

Their menu changes daily, but includes dishes like chicken tikka pasta, malai veggie risotto, Quesadilla with Chettinad sides, Indo-Pan Asian rice bowls and so many more delicious items to choose from. All these dishes and their signature desserts are prepared by their chef Natasha Patrao. Besides Archana, Praveena and Natasha, the rest of the female staff is employed from underprivileged sections.

It gets better and better, every Wednesday it’s Womens Day and Archana also says that, “The truck functions 6 days a week and on the 7th day we distribute free food outside temples, churches, mosques and other houses of worship, do get in touch with us if there is a need for food in any underprivileged area and we will be there on our CSR day.”

Chennai and Hyderabad, look out for 7th Sin Food Trucks in your city soon!