70 Percent Of Mumbai Restaurants Are Violating Basic Norms Finds FDA

70 Percent Of Mumbai Restaurants Are Violating Basic Norms Finds FDA

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Maharashtra found in a recently conducted survey that 70 percent of restaurants in Mumbai aren’t following the basic hygiene and food safety procedures. According to this survey, 327 restaurants out of the 500 top restaurants surveyed, weren’t following the guidelines for packaging, cleanliness and hygiene that have been set by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

Unhygienic Eateries In Mumbai

The report by Times Now News says that the state FDA has issued a 15 day notice to the eateries under question to improve the conditions. The publication spoke to Shailesh Adhao, Joint Commissioner, FDA and according to him, an inspection was conducted on a large scale with 3000 hotels and restaurants were being inspected. He also added that 2650 of these places have been issued notices to improve hygiene and safety conditions. The FDA will be inspecting these places again to check if the norms are being followed post the notice.

The publication also spoke to Niraj Shetty, representative of Ahar who said that they are giving Food Safety Training and Certification (FOSTAC) along with the FDA. Along with this a medical checkup of the cooks and those who handle food in the restaurants was also conducted for 5200 people.  


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