6 Weirdest Beer Flavours From Around The World

We love our weekend beers. Whether we are on a budget conscious kick with the Kingfishers of the world or in the mood to indulge in fancy craft brews made fresh in the breweries of Bengaluru, we appreciate a nice cold mug of beer to wash away the weekly stress of the 10-6 rat race. 

Although we love the traditional lagers, ales and stouts, we do find ourselves looking for a taste of the exotic. Since we live in a country where the craft brew market is still in its niche stage, we always find ourselves fantasising about the innovative and unique flavours running rampant around the world. 

Here are a few unique flavours of beer specially made in the breweries of the world which gives us the motivation to quit our jobs and travel across many countries

1. Celeste Jewel Ale

Dogfish Head, one of the leading breweries in the world in the business of making the weirdest beers, has come up with a beer that is literally out of this world. The Celeste Jewel Ale contains lunar meteorites, which is crushed to dust and soaked in malt, giving it a unique and otherworldly taste. 


2. Imperial Creme Brulee Stout

What would you say to a beer that could masquerade as a dessert item in most countries? That is exactly what Souther Tier Brewing Company in New York pulled off with the Creme Brulee Stout. The richness of caramel and vanilla is combined beautifully with the roasted taste of the stout giving it an extreme boost to your sweet tooth. 


3. Bacon Bomb Rauchbier

Everything is better with some bacon added to it, even beer. Brenner Brewing Company in Wisconsin is all too willing to make a beer sure to cure our cravings for some bacon. Fret not, vegetarians, this beer doesn’t actually contain bacon. A combination of German beechwood malt and Wisconsin cherrywood-smoked malt gives it that rich bacony flavour. 


4. Crime Chili Beer

Spicy beers has been part of the craft brew scene for decades. Although it has become somewhat traditional to brew a spicy beer, Stone Brewing Company in California has taken the pepper addition an extra notch with the inclusion of 5 different varieties of peppers, red and gree jalapenos, ultra-hot black nagas, Caribbeans red hots, Moruga scorpions and Fatalii Peppers. 


5. Genghis Pecan Pie Porter

Pecan pie flavoured beer? We raise our hand way up to test this glorious creation by Clown Shows brewery. The beer is an American-style porter beer with brown sugar and 200 pounds of freshly roasted pecans. 


6. Mamma Mia Pizza Beer

We’ve heard of pizza AND beer but this is the first time we are hearing about pizza IN beer. This weir concoction is made with all the flavours of pizza combined with richness coming from the hops. Although it might sound a bit off, we are eager to try a pizza in a beer mug. 


Although these flavours are something to look over twice, it is always fun to indulge in a mug of freshly brewed beer with unexpected flavours. Our goal in life has certainly taken a dramatic turn towards to tasting some of these weird concoctions.