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7 Vegetarian Ways To Get Omega-3


Omega-3 fatty acids are extremely beneficial in preventing inflammation in your body and provide significant health benefits. It is important to get a proper source of omega-3 because our bodies do not produce them naturally. Hence we are dependent on supplements and pills to help provide the necessary amount of omega-3 required.

Unfortunately, fish is considered to be the best source for omega-3 fatty acids making it difficult for vegetarians and people who don’t have a preference for fish to obtain omega-3. There are other ways to include omega-3 in your daily diet, apart from fish, to help your body get the right amount.    

1. Soybeans

Soybeans provides consistent means of getting Omega 3 vitamins, as compared to marine life. Since the supply of fish is highly unreliable, it is essential to obtain omega 3 vitamins through a consistent land based means. Soybeans is easier to obtain and grow and has a higher shelf life than fish. 


2. Spinach 

Spinach is one of the most healthiest vegetables to consume, containing high source of protein and fiber. Spinach also has omega 3 vitamins which provides a good alternative for  vegetarians. One cup of cooked spinach contains 371mg of omega 3 fatty acids. No wonder spinach is ranked at the top of the world’s healthiest edible items.


3. Walnuts

We have already wrote about the benefits of walnuts when it comes to dieting and leading a healthy lifestyle. But did you  know walnuts also have high omega 3 content? Not only do they provide energy because of their high caloric content and keep you feeling full, walnuts  provide an alternative means to get omega 3 vitamins if you are feeling a little lazy to cook.  

Walnuts on white

4. Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are a convenient way to get omega 3 and could be consumed in different ways. Although flax seeds contain only one member of the omega 3 fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid, it has the highest amount of omega 3 found in all edible items apart from fish. Flax seeds can be included in pretty much any dish and make it a high source of omega 3 vitamins. 

flax seeds

5. Wild Rice

Wild rice is a good substitute for white or brown rice because it contains more anti-oxidants and is also gluten-free. It has high omega 3 content and is also a much healthier substitute to white rice. Although wild rice is not as readily available as white or brown rice, because of its high nutritional value, it is recommended to include it as part of a healthy lifestyle. 


6. Basil

Surprisingly,Basil is one of the many herbs found to have high source of omega-3. It also has several significant health benefits because of the anti-oxidants present in them. The anti-oxidants helps in preventing aging by helping your body fight against oxidative stress. 


7. Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are a great addition to any dish providing it with unique flavour and texture. Although it doesn’t compare to fish in omega-3 content, it provides adequate amount to help your health significantly. It also is a great source of fiber, which helps prevent any digestive problems. Include kidney beans in your diet for a significantly smarter eating option.