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7 Iced Tea Cocktails That Are Perfect For Any Season


We know, we know. Iced Tea must always be had when we’re wearing our summer cottons and linens and the sun is shining out bright, and it’s not dark before 7 PM. But what about spiked Iced Tea, that is, iced tea with a dash of your favourite alcohol? There is no season to enjoy a good cocktail, is there? So put that bowl of soup aside and bring out your tall glasses, limes, and cocktail shakers to warm your insides with some alcohol-laced iced tea. Here are seven recipes to help you transform the summer grail into a party favourite.

  1. Bourbon Iced Tea

Also known as the sweet tea old fashioned, this one calls for seconds.

  1. Sparkling Sangria Tea

A sangria custom-made for a summer afternoon by the beach, at the porch and on the couch. Basically, everywhere.

  1. Iced Tea Summer Punch

Sip on a glassful of this summery poison to ease off the heat.

  1. Sweet Tea Vodka

Iced Tea a la Russia! Get the refreshing recipe here.sweet tea vodka

Image: Epicurious

  1. Earl Grey Martini

Blend the calming effects of earl grey with the poisonous attributes of a martini to concoct this potent cocktail.

  1. Matcha Green Tea Cocktail

Sip on the goodness of Japanese Matcha tea infused with heady spirits.

  1. Cucumber & Green Tea Mojito

Cool yourself with the refreshing effects of lemon, green tea and cucumber mixed with rum in this sparkling cocktail.

So there you have it, 7 spiked Iced Teas that are not from Long Island. Enjoy!

Feature Image: Horrible Housewife

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