7 Waffle Iron Hacks That Are Sheer Brilliance!

We all love waffles. Some like it plain, some like it topped with cream, sauces, fruits and syrups and some like to go all out and really indulge and experiment with a combination of all of these. Given that there are n number of things that you can do with this delicious goodie, the possibilities are endless! But have you ever wondered what would be the result if you ‘waffle iron‘ something else instead of the waffle batter? We bet our batter that once you watch this video you will never think of the appliance as just a simple waffle iron again. Ever. Watch the BuzzFeed team create magic with a simple waffle iron and the most common ingredients in the kitchen – eggs, bread and potatoes to name a few. 
Spoiler Alert: Once you watch the video, you will be off to buy a waffle iron before you even know it.