7 Vegetables Treats That You Can Include In Your Dog’s Diet

Have you ever taken your pooch out for a walk and caught him eating grass? Don’t yell at him; he’s just getting his vegetable supplements! Like humans, dogs need variations in their diet other than meat to get the nutrients that they require. Incorporate a few of these veggies occasionally into your dogs’ diets and they’ll be healthier and happier than ever!

Green beans

















Green beans are a great source of vitamins, fatty acids, potassium, calcium, folic acid and fibre for your dog. Boil a few and mix them in his supper.














As with humans, spinach is great for dogs because it’s rich with iron. It can also help combat inflammatory and cardiovascular problems.

Sweet Potatoes















Many pet chew toys have sweet potatoes as an ingredient. Boil some and give a handful to your dog; she’ll be more than thrilled!






















Boil some stalks, cut them into pieces and feed them to your dogs. They contain a healthy amount of nutrients such as iron, copper, fibre and potassium.

 Brussels Sprouts















Dogs will be more likely to enjoy Brussels sprouts than children. They’re just as nutritious as they are for humans.

Bell Peppers
















Some colourful veggies are great for your dogs. Bell peppers, especially the red ones contain antioxidants that will help get impurities out of Fido’s system.
















In small amounts, carrots will be a welcome treat, because they contain sugar. Use them sparingly though!