7 Valentine’s Day Special Shooters To Spice Up The Party

If you’re one of the super intimate reclusive couples, who’d rather stay in that go out for Valentine’s Day, you’re adorable. And you deserve not only cocktails and gifts but a list of shooters dedicated specially to your private party of two. Here are seven recipes to shoot up the romance.


  1. The Love Bite

A distant layered cousin of the B52, this shooter too is layered with cream and cherry and orange liqueurs. The shot bites you in the tongue with its sharp citric edge. Here’s how you can make it.love-bite-drink-2-600x600


  1. Strawberry Sunrise

Nothing defines this day better than some sweet flushed strawberries. This dessert shooter takes your love for the fruit up by several notches by adding a fruit cream liqueur. Learn how to shake up a boozy sunrise here.strawberry-sunrise-600x600


  1. Bootsy Collins

A boozier version of the classic Tom Collins, this rendition is named after the flamboyant funk bassist Bootsy Collins and contents the added spunk, color and flavor of fortified wine. Get the recipe here.recipe_bootsy-collins-cocktail_600x800


  1. Tiatip

This two-layered shot will awaken your deepest darkest side (#kink) with it dark and sultry appearance. The drink is a mix of Bailey’s Irish Cream and Tia Maria. Get layering with the recipe here.tiatip-drink-600x600


  1. Bourbon Smash Jelly Shots

What’s some fun without a batch of fruity jelly shots? This Bourbon Smash jelly shot is a mix of juicy raspberries and mint, with just a touch of bourbon. It’s tart, it’s fruity and best of all it’s jelly! Smash together some jelly and alcohol with this recipe7-com-bourbon-smash-p.jpg


  1. Strawberry Blonde

One just can’t gen enough of this fruit, can they? The strawberry Blonde is a homogenous mix of cherry brandy, vodka, cream and cola. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? Put it in action with this recipe.strawberry-blonde-drink-600x600


  1. Cinnamon Hearts Tequila Shots

So it might not get more cliché than pink shots topped with candy hearts but hey love makes people go crazy! Some cinnamon heart candies, a dose of cinnamon flavored vodka and some grenadine shall do the job just fine. See the full recipe here.cinge-cinnamon-tequila-shots-600x617

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