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7 Un-boring Foods you should just go out and grab


The drone of the printer, someone typing next to you, that annoying gum-chewer on the other side, page flipping and someone, everyone, or you even, yawning your face nearly off. One word: BORING. 

Boredom is spreading through the office, school or supermarket. You can’t help but catch it. It lurks in every corner. The first sign is a long, loud, yawn that will just annoy the people around you so much, that they’ll have to join you. 

We’ve found there’s only one cure for such a problem: food. Small quantities are advised, but the more the merrier right?

Try these un-boring foods that will help you through those Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Sundays are reserved for food anyway. 

1. Crunch


Crisps, crunchies, munchies, whatever they’re called in your half of the world. Yes, yes, the junk. But come on, once in a while the body understands. 

2. Juices


Of the sweet, tangy or happy variety. Oranges, Kiwi or berries, or better still, a mix of everything- if you’re into that kind of thing. 

3. Candy

Nothing like sucking on some super-sour-sweet candy that will get those senses awake. The sourer the better actually. And if it has a permanent colouring that will make your tongue blue, green or yellow; PERFECT. At least we can get some selfies taken. 

4. Fruits

Yes, now we’re moving a little into healthy. But why not? Grapes, peaches or plums are typical wake-me-ups. 

5. Cakes

Not of the cream variety, no. Just plain, carrot, banana, plum or walnut cake that will take those blues away. Soft and crumbly, don’t be surprised if you’re feeling all inspirational after eating a slice. 

6. Crackers


I know what you’re thinking: “Plain?”. But yes, try them. They sound absolutely boring at home. But bring them outside and people at the office will fight for them. No, you may not slap on some cream cheese. 

7. Chocolate


We saved the best for last. Chocolate, some may argue, will make you sleepy. But trust me, we’ve tried it and Sleepy Bob, not so much after a bite. The gooey-er the better. If you’d like to throw it in an ice-cream, more than welcome.