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7 Popular Parottas to try in South India


Parottas are a street shop favourite in South India. The Malabar Parotta, originating in Kerala, has made its presence felt all over South India, giving rise to various versions of the dish, now popular in their own right. These 7 types of Parotta are a must-try if you are a parotta enthusiast.

Malabar Parotta

This crisp, chewy and flaky flatbread from Kerala is now a popular street food all over Tamil Nadu as well. Paired with a veg kuruma or a non-vegetarian spicy gravy, this delectable dish is irresistible. The Malabar Parotta is the base for all the other parotta variations you find. If you feel up to mastering this dish, we’ve got the recipe for you here!

Coin Parotta

Coin Parotta is not much different from Malabar Parotta in taste or ingredients, but only differs in size. While Malabar Parotta is very big and filling by itself, the coin parotta is smaller and more manageable to make as well as eat. It still has the same delicious taste as the Malabar parotta. This is easier to make at home too.

Veech Parotta

Veech Parotta is famous in Tamil Nadu. The ingredients are the same, but the parotta is folded before it is fried in the shape of a square envelope. Find out how you can make it here!

Ceylon Parotta

Ceylon Parotta is a delicacy that gets its name from its place of origin. A Veech parotta with two layers instead of one, it is stuffed with minced meat, and can even be eaten without a side dish and is extremely satisfying.

Kothu Parotta

Kothu Parotta is very popular in the street shops all over Tamil Nadu. The parotta is shredded into small pieces and tossed with chicken, eggs, gravy and vegetables. Its makes a very filling meal and the taste is to die for. Interested in making it? Find the recipe here!

Chilli Parotta

Chilli Parotta is more or less a vegetarian version of Kothu Parotta, made with onions, capsicum and tomato sauce and of course, chillies. While the Kothu parotta is moist and soft, the chilli parotta is more crisp and chewy. Click here for the recipe!

Egg Parotta

This is nothing but a Malabar parotta that is cooked with an egg that is broken over the parotta while it is being fried on the pan. The result is a delicious parotta version of the popular Egg dosa. Find out how you can make a stuffed egg version here!

You can also try out some other variations like Green Peas Paratha, Pudina Paratha and Egg Paratha too!

If you’re craving for Kothu Parotta right now, click here to see our list of favourite Parotta places in Chennai!