7 Tips for a Clean and Sparkly Kitchen

Your kitchen can be a disaster-prone space in your house. It needs your strict supervision and is an organized challenge. If you don’t have it in you to tolerate all the spillage and clutter that unfurls as a dish is being prepared then get all the tools to do some intense scrubbing. Having to do whopping amounts of house work can be exhausting and hence we’ll help you get rid of that filth with just a bunch of basic citric and salty ingredients. Citric acid helps inactivate water hardness and creates foam, making it especially useful in soaps, laundry detergents, and as a cleaning agent. Due to its chemical composition it helps get dirt and grime off of surfaces easily!

1. Assemble a basket of super-efficient kitchen cleaning supplies that are readily available and easily accessible. Once you have this ready you’ll be prepared to tackle virtually any household kitchen disaster. This list of must-haves should help you immensely:

  • Powdered or dilute antibacterial disinfectants
  • Impressive micro-fibre cleaning cloth and super absorbent sponge wipes
  • Invest in an Auto-Clean Electric Chimney
  • A clean stack of paper towels, kitchen rags, and bio-degradable disposable trash bags can help you take on any cleaning task like it was nothing.
  • Medicated Hand-wash/soap and sanitizers
  • Cleaning Brushes and De-cloggers
  • Cleansing spray or solution that can also be used as a tile cleaner


2. Salt, baking soda, vinegar, lime etc. are excellent muck extinguishers that are available at home and within your reach at all times. These are well-suited for stainless steel, ceramic, wooden, or glassware and can be utilized to easily clean your dishwashers, sinks, stovetops, trays, drains etc.


3. Next step would be to ambitiously and strategically reorganize your fridge and shelves that house your spice jars, utensils, and food items. Good housekeeping takes effort but it is doable. May the force be with you, Home Managers!


4. Maximize your storage space by storing things in containers and designated bins so as to cut the disorder, unnecessary cramming, and rummaging while cooking. Be aware of these assigned spaces and replace the items back promptly every time you take them out to use them.

pantry-15. Your workstation is where the magic happens. Tidy it up as you cook. Don’t leave bowls and spatulas lying around allowing them to gather multitudes of dirt and dust. If you’re civil and you know it clean your work-station!

cucina-moderna-isola_living-anta_inox-piano_inox-isola_work-16. Avoid speed-cleaning your kitchen. This will give others the illusion of a tidy cooking space but you know how you haven’t done a thorough job in cleaning your zone. So take your time and make it shine!

A professional cleaning woman carefully dusts lamp shades in a modern luxury kitchen.

7. Instruct your folks to respect the space you love. Let them know that you can transform into a green and mean, blood-thirsty hulk waiting to unleash wrath on those who don’t play by your rules in the kitchen. Showing your true colours can and will always help in home maintenance. Believe us.