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7 Things To Stop Eating If You Want To Be That Guy With Washboard Abs


Everyone’s telling you about what you SHOULD be eating, but did you ever think about what you SHOULDN’T? While we’re all on the road to fitness and achieving our health goals, there are a few foods that we need to stray away from or completely avoid. If you been indulging in these foods, that would probably explain why all those months of dieting or sweating it out at the gym haven’t shown you the results you’ve been looking for. Here are 7 foods that are complete no-no’s for your fitness goals.


1. Canned or Dried Fruit


Canned fruit isn’t the same as whole fruit. Whole fruits have more fibre and give you natural sweetness while canned fruits are filled with added sugars. On the other hand, dried fruit isn’t as filling as a whole fruit and you’re sure to overeat. Now, you don’t want that, do you?


2. Beans


You’re probably thinking, “Omg, beans? How?” Well beans is an inferior source of protein as the levels are usually incomplete – meaning they can cause indigestion. You want protein? Lean meats help. But if you’re vegetarian, opt for pulses and lentils.


3. Bread


One of the biggest no-no’s is bread. Even if you’re having a healthier version like whole grain, bread is a processed food and that’s just not something you need. So that means, no burgers, no sandwiches, nothing.


4. Milk


Here’s your potential source of digestive trouble. When you’re on a diet, dairy can throw you off your train to complete fitness. While it is recommended that you avoid it, your helping must be limited should you choose to have it.


5. Potato Chips


One way to lower your levels of potassium is with salty snacks and that is just not okay. When you exercise, your body loses electrolytes so the last thing you need is to deplete more potassium in your body. Stay away from that bag of chips, my friend.


6. Soda and Fruit Juices


Thirsty? Say no to beverages like soda, sports drinks, or fruit juices (which are usually fructose-filled). You don’t need those in your life, especially when there’s that miracle beverage we call water. Quench your thirst with water at all times and if that’s not good enough for you, flavour your water and throw in some fruit and mint into your bottle.


7. Buttered Popcorn


We saw you carry that humungous bag of popcorn at the movies, and we heard you ask for extra better. We just want to tell you that those washboard abs ain’t coming if that’s how you roll. How about just having it plain? It’s a great snack then.