7 Things To Keep You Company During The Rare Lunar Eclipse

The sighting of a very rare Lunar Eclipse will mark 27th September 2015. The last time the earthling experienced this eclipse was in 1982. (Psst! That’s the year Diet Coke hit the market shelves and if you already knew that, you need to get out more often).

A moon like this won’t be seen for the next 18 years so let’s have a little party for it, shall we? So whether you’re going to snuggle up with a bunch of friends or just a telescope, you need food to snack on while you what for the stellar spectacle to show up. Here are 7 snacks that you can chow down on this rare occasion.


  1. Mooncakes

Interestingly enough, the day also happens to be China’s Mid-Autumn Festival. A traditional feast on this occasion calls for some decadent mooncakes and here’s how you can make them.



  1. Cheese Platter

When you’re a crazy foodie – or maybe just starving – every thing looks edible. And that’s probably why the guy in the folklore saw the moon’s reflection as a wheel of cheese in water. Anyhoo, we’re commemorating the hungry lad’s hunger with a lavish cheese platter!


  1. Carrot Salad

Here’s to yet another legend called the ‘Moon Rabbit’ according to which there is a rabbit that lives on the Moon based on a pareidolia that identifies the markings of the Moon as a rabbit. We’re raising a salad platter to that rabbit far far way! Cheers!


  1. Moon Cookies

What says ‘howdy moon!’ better than delicious moon-shaped cookies right out of the oven?



  1. Croissants

This Viennese buttery flaky bread is named after it’s shaped. Yes, the word means crescent. Voila!


  1. Half-moon Pie

So most of us are going “hey that’s a gujiya!” But really, it’s a paifala. Or a half moon pie as it’s also called. It’s a pineapple stuffed crunchy pie and we’re totally drooling.


  1. Autumn Moon Cocktail

So what if it’s Sunday night? This moon’s not coming back again until 2033! So raise this Autumn Moon Cocktail – which totally looks like a reflection of its namesake in water – to that. Salut!