7 Things To Eat By The Beach In Chennai

 A trip to the beach is incomplete without a visit to one of these food stalls! Chennai’s beaches don’t only have vast waters, but also a vast variety of food stalls. They beat that hunger you get after walking halfway into the shore. The beach is a common hangout place for people from different walks of life. There’s plenty of food by the beach to enjoy! We bring you beach-side foods that will make you feel complete after a nice long walk by the shore. Explore beach food in Chennai and see what’s best while you walk down that shore.


Molaga Bajji


Hot molagas that are stuffed with spicy mashed potato filling and raw onions dipped in the chilli sauce are just Oh-So-Amazing. A competition for what’s the best would be useless as Molaga Bajjis would be the BEST street-food that you can find on the beach. The shops usually also serve other bajjis like potato, cauliflower, banana and onion. So buy the mix plate bajji where they give you a bajji from each variety.



Sundal is famous on the Chennai beaches and no wonder it is. The spicy-sour treat is made out of channa mixed with chilli powder adds the spice and bits of raw mango for the sourness. The second best thing about this food is that you don’t have to go looking for the shops you can trust the sellers to find you.

Raw Mango


Raw mango dusted with a mixed of chill powder and salt is tatsy as hell. It is so simple and yet so tasty. The sourness of raw mango very well complements the chill powder-salt mix. The mix brings down the sourness and adds the right balance of flavors to it. Whoever thought of this is, I’m sure, on the heaven’s kitchen crew.

Corn On The Cob


Roasted corn topped with a lemon and masala is something everyone must try at the beach. The whole process is a sight to watch in the night. With sparks flying all over the place, it kind of has a cool look to it. Totally worth the watch and wait.



Pune Bhel is a widely known form of this Bhel in India. Also, Running for the ultimate title is the Bhel that you find on the beaches in Chennai. With a little twist and little less ingredients, they still make some of the best Bhels that you can eat in the country. It is light snack for those looking for something filling and not fried.



Nethili fish fry is totally mind-blowing and lip-smacking. The fish is dipped in bajji masala which is red, the color that makes you want to jump for the food in front of you-red, and it tastes just as delicious as it looks.



And if you want something cold, you can always go for the ice Badam kulfi that is on the beach! Kulfi while walking on the shores? Nothing beats that.