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7 Things about Yogurt You Should Know!


Mums and Complan-detesting folks, unite! There is an alternative way to gain calcium.

Eat Bacteria.

Your head is spinning. You give your children spine-chilling death stares. They instantly regret their life choices.  But I’ll stick to what I said. Before you give up on this post, I insist you read further.

Bacteria, we’ve avoided them since The Plague. They are ubiquitous but under-estimated. That is a serious stab to their self-esteem, I’ll have you know. Every form of text shows them in bad light. What have they done to deserve such bad press? Now you have your fingers stretched out. You’re progressing from one to the next, tallying the diseases that these tiny beings continue to cause. Let’s take the hatred down a notch, shall we?

You have bacteria in you. Yeah.

Now you’re doing the infamous Indian head wobble, saying, “No, I use Lifebuoy, I’m 99% germ free.” Sorry to burst your (soap) bubble, but you aren’t. There are several bacterial species living right inside you and they are extremely beneficial. They are present in your digestive tract, helping the system churn your food better. They reduce acidity and regulate your cholesterol levels. They help in the construction of enzymes and they protect your immune system from harmful environmental toxins. Just like how the world is divvied up into ‘The Good’ and ‘The Bad’, there is good bacteria and then there is it’s evil counterpart causing harm and shit.



Look at them, being all cute.

Yogurt is a natural source of probiotics. It is prepared from bacterial fermentation of milk. Imagine, if you will, a tub containing all the essential micro-nutrients, protein, magnesium, vitamin, calcium etc. Yogurt is predominantly used in dips and sauces. They are the reason those condiments taste so damn good!

Non-fat, whipped, Greek, organic, frozen, Soy, every market has a separate aisle dedicated for Yogurt.


  • Yogurt helps in the prevention of Osteoporosis. They positively effect bone structures and help in the maintenance of bone density.
  • If you have steadily sky-rocketing blood pressure, consumption of yogurt, especially 2-3 servings of low-fat yogurt will help reduce it.
  • Yogurt with bacterial cultures actively swimming in them help prevent gastrointestinal and vaginal complications.
  • It is a healthy snack option and is available in several flavours.
  • The pool of whey that forms on top of yogurt is rich in protein. Don’t pour it out, stir in as it adds flavour in abundance.
  • They contain high-levels of lactic acid that cleanses and revitalizes the skin giving it a surreal glow!
  • They guard your overall health.

So mothers throughout the world, if you hear conversations like-

Person 1- Hey man! What’s up?

Person 2: Just going to get me some FroYo, bro. Want some?

Person 1: Sure, man! Get me some SoyYo.

You now know they aren’t talking about drugs. It’s JUST Yogurt stuck in a tongue feeding on pop-culture. Wipe that sweat.