7 Simple Nutella Desserts

Nutella. It’s everything. We’re thinking about it all day, everyday and we’re binging on it just as much too. You too? Binge on some recipes here.

Sandwiches, smores, cheesecakes, cookies, mousses, frostings, and lots more baked goodies – what they all have in common is that they’re all made with Nutella. At least in our kitchens, they are. We couldn’t help but think about some quick fixes, simple treats that we can make with Nutella, and we compiled some of the best treats made with Nutella and using just TWO ingredients!

Here’s the list of things you can make:

Nutella + Frozen Bananas = Ice Cream 

Nutella + Bacon = Chocolate Covered Bacon 

Nutella + Puff Pastry Sheets = Nutella Puffs 

Nutella + Eggs = Flourless Cake 

Nutella + Cold Milk = Popsicles 

Nutella + Milk = Hot Chocolate  

Nutella + Whipping Cream = Mousse 


Do you know anyone who loves Nutella just as much as you do? Here are some awesome Nutella themed presents you can get them.