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7 Ron Swanson Commandments To Follow If You’re Passionate About Breakfast Foods, Meat and Whiskey


How passionate are you about breakfast food? We certainly don’t think you can be as passionate about it as Ron Swanson, a fictional character in ‘Parks and Recreation’.  His entire philosophy seems to operate on the principle that nothing cannot be cured with some breakfast food, meat and some stellar whiskey. His passion for food is an inspiration for all us foodies out there. To become a true foodie, like Ron Swanson here are the commandments you should be following, straight from Swanson’s mouth.


If only we were so assured with our philosophy. Ron Swanson, we salute you.


I wish my stomach had the stamina to handle a meal meant for twelve people. There would be so much more to savour. Sadly, my stomach hasn’t reached the Swanson level of epic-ness yet.


This man has to make it very clear what he wants. Else, he may get suckered into being served only three quarters of the restaurant’s entire bacon and eggs stock. 


No more whiskey induced headaches! All you have to do is sleep in wet socks – who would have thought?


He’s so cool he’s even patented his own food creation! 


Now, we know the way to Ron Swanson’s heart. Get in line!


The day you can stomach this lunch, you know you have arrived. Congratulations!