7 Restaurants in Mumbai That’ll Sizzle Up Your Meal

As a child, I was extremely scared of sizzlers. The spitting and the steam that engulfed us as soon as the dish arrived at the table did not amuse me; food is supposed to be quiet, simple and not resemble a wild animal. However, as I grew older I came to understand the beauty of a sizzler. Here is a dish with a mind of its own, that captures all your senses. Now the steam that rises from the dish and its tantalising smell is the gateway that prepares you for the delicious food that lie beyond. To explore the mystery of the perfect sizzler visit these restaurants in Mumbai:

Kobe’s Sizzlers

Where: Chowpatty, Bandra, Andheri West


As its name suggests, Kobe’s is an understated restaurant that makes its business all about the sizzlers. Very often, your conversation may be stalled by the noise that accompanies the sizzlers arriving at your neighbours table, but when you get your own it’ll be oh so worth it.

Try:  Nasi Goreng Sizzler, Hamburger Steak sizzler, veg sizzler with schezwan sauce and noodles

Café Royal

Where: Colaba, Bandra


Café Royal is rumoured to be one Bill Clinton’s favourite restaurants in Mumbai. It would be understandable if it earned that position due to its sizzlers; large, hearty and hot, they would win a place in anyone’s heart. 

Try: Cottage cheese shaslik sizzler, cube steak sizzler


Where: Churchgate


Having been around for over fifty years, Gaylord has acquired a legendary status among Mumbaites. While most people stop at the bakery to pick up bread or their scrumptious chocolate tarts, the wiser ones sit down to a sizzler and then polish their meal of with the tart. 

Try: Vegetable steak grill, Non-veg mixed grill

Out of the Blue

Where: Powai, Bandra


Out of the Blue is a fun, airy restaurant that is forever hosting a gig or a stand-up comedy routine. Adding to its appeal is its extensive sizzler menu with exciting, unique sizzlers

Try: Surf and Turf Sizzler, Parmesan fenugreek patty in Mexican sauce sizzler, desi veg shaslik sizzler

Fountain Sizzler

Where: Fort


Named after the fountain just outside it, Fountain sizzler serves up a sizzler for every palate. The dieter can try the zero carb veggie delight, the Jain can ask for a Pure vegetarian Jain sizzler and  the lover of Oriental fare can try the Teppan grill sizzlers.

Try: The mixed grill sizzler, Thai sizzler

Yoko Sizzlers

Where: Santa Cruz, Andheri, Bandra, Thane


Yoko Sizzlers has been around for twenty five years, serving customers massive sizzlers. They have a host of unusual sizzlers like the Kentucky chicken sizzler and the veg pasta sizzler. 

Try: Paneer satellite sizzler, turkey sizzler and lobster sizzler

Alps Café

Where: Colaba


With its eclectic crowd and great music Alps is the go to destination to chill in Colaba. While they’re most famously known for their draught beers, if you’re ordering a meal along with your pitcher go for a sizzler.

Try: Mushroom and cheese sizzler, kobe steak sizzler