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7 Recipes that’ll transport you back to Harry Potter Land


This one’s for all you potterheads out there. Harry, Ron and Hermione may be all grown up, the Dark Lord may be vanquished and Hogwarts may be filled with people you don’t know, but that’s no reason not to absorb yourself in a little reminiscing sometimes. We gathered together a bunch of recipes that’ll let you get lost in the magical Harry Potter world again.

1) Butterbeer

While this may not be infused with Madame Rosmerta’s special magic, it’s certainly worth a try.

2) Butterbeer Ice Cream

Can’t get enough of the butterbeer? If you’re feeling adventurous try making this butterbeer ice cream, inspired by Florean Fortescue.

3) Chocolate Frogs

I guarantee you that these will not try jumping away. But, they’ll hopefully be just as tasty.

4) Rock Cakes

While Hagrid’s rock cakes in the novel may have broken a jaw or two, these adapted versions will leave you asking for more.

5) Pumpkin juice

Some of those cakes get stuck in your throat? Wash them down with some pumpkin juice.

6) Pumpkin pasties

Speaking of pumpkins, you don’t have to go to Howgarts to try the house elves’ pumpkin pasties. Make them in your own kitchen!

7) Harry Potter’s birthday cake

And finally, the cake that set the ball rolling. Bake Harry Potter’s birthday cake!