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7 Recipes in Honour of World Health Day


World Health Day, sounds magnificent. But as I woke up today, grabbed a a cup of sugary cereal for breakfast, gulped down some canned berry juice and rushed out of home, it sure didn’t sound like it. You may understand and sympathise with my ‘diet’ and say “Health is a difficult child. You can’t love him and you can’t hate him.” 

In most cases, I try to eat those healthy things, drink those healthy juices all week and yet, on Saturday that pizza topped with bacon was calling me. So the good will cancel out the bad right? Beep. 

In honour of World Health day, try whipping up these splendid folks, just to make the day a tad happier and healthier. We promise they’re wearing their best suit and definitely don’t taste as bad as they sound. For god’s sakes, there’s Mac and Cheese and Pizza on the list! So make a couple during the week too, will ya?

1. Granola Bars

 Granola Choco-Madness

Granola that’s packed with protein and tastes heavenly because of little chocolate buttons here and there. All this and no gluten.

2. Pumpkin Pie 

Pump up the health!

Grain free, Gluten free, paleo and pumpkin goodness- I feel good already.

3. Honeydew Kiwi Slush 

kiwi fruits smoothies

Kiwi lends itself to make this slush, one hell of a fruity surprise

4. Stress Busting Blueberry Smoothie

healthy blueberry smoothie

Nothing like a high speed blender to make you feel all good about yourself. What’s better is that it’s absolutely healthy for you. 

5. Strawberry Yogurt 

Strawberry Blush!

Creamy and de-lish, pure strawberry awesomeness, this recipe stays good in the freezer for a month!

6. Tamale Pizza 

Tamale all the way!

Yummy-licious pizza with a crisp and light crust. If you’re tired of pizza but not really tired of pizza (if you know what I mean) then go ahead and make this one.

7. Mac N Cheese 

Tacky Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese that will speak to your heart, in a good way