7 Reasons Why You Should Get A Food Truck To Supplement Your Restaurant

It normally works the other way round. You open up a food truck, it gets successful, and then you move on to a restaurant. But surprisingly, this trend is changing, with a lot of restaurants opening a successful food truck along side it’s hole in the wall restaurant. 

According to the National Restaurant Association, 19% of established restaurants say they are very or somewhat likely to launch a food truck within the next two years. 

Most large restaurant chains use a food truck as a marketing tool. Some of the smaller restaurants use a food truck to reach a wider audience. 

Let us look at some reasons why it would be a good idea to open a food truck with your restaurant. 

To Reach New Customers 

In most metro cities in India, its quite difficult to traverse the big city to reach a restaurant that is in the south when you live in the north. How do you reach these customers who are hesitant to make a 60 minute drive for dinner? You can easily reach them with a food truck. 

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Having a food truck in different areas across town widens your customer base and boosts your restaurant’s appeal. Once people know the great food you offer at your truck, they might turn loyal and inspire them to make the trip to your restaurant. 

To Offer Full-Service Catering 

Everyone loves to throw a party, and if you can offer them an easy way to entertain at home without the added mess of cleaning-up after, people will jump at the chance. A food truck is a simple and efficient answer for both you and your customer. Offering catering increases your restaurants reach and encourages new customers to seek out your restaurant and food truck. Yes, imagine the number of guests at each party and multiply half the number of friends they can talk to about the great food you served. 

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To Promote Your Signature Dish 

Every restaurant has a signature dish and I’m sure yours does too. If people love a particular dish then take it to them by serving it in your food truck. 

For smartly run trucks, the road from restaurant to food truck to restaurant comes full circle by capitalizing on your most popular items.

On the other hand, you can also use your food truck as a testing ground for a new menu item. This allows you to try something new without worrying about having to add it to your set menu at your physical restaurant. 

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To Capitalize on your Restaurant Kitchen 

By also having a restaurant with your food truck, you save up money on renting a space for prep. In the long run, you will actually save money by capitalising on your restaurant kitchen. It will also help you reduce food wastage by stocking your truck. 

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To Offset The Slow Season 

Theres sometimes a period of lull when even when you have done nothing wrong, people just don’t seem to be walking in. You can offset this slow season with your food truck. This will allow you to keep the staff and suppliers even during that time. 

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To Hit The Event Circuit 

Park up your food truck at a local event and enjoy easy customer picking. This is also a great way to market your restaurant by highlighting both your truck and restaurant. Your truck’s specialty items will inspire diners to head over to your restaurant for the full menu.

"Food Truck Fridays" at RDV Sportsplex

To Cross Promote 

Having both a brick-and-mortar restaurant and a food truck expands your restaurant brand. It allows you to diversify and increase your dining customers. While decorating your food truck, make sure to add your restaurant logo all over it. This also helps drive traffic to both your restaurant and your food truck. 

At the same time, at your restaurant, include signs to let your customers know about the food truck and its catering option. On social media, make sure to promote both aspects of your restaurant. 

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