7 Quirky Paan Innovations In Mumbai That You Need To Try

Paan is an Indian classic; you don’t need us to tell you that. But, perhaps you do need us to help you get a step further and elevate your paan experience. We’ve put together seven dishes featuring paan in innovative ways at some of Mumbai’s best restaurants; have you tried any of these?

Paan candy floss at Masala Library


Masala Library is well known for its modern take on traditional Indian cuisine – it uses techniques like molecular gastronomy and new combinations of flavours to redefine familiar tastes. The paan candy floss, which is a light, airy concoction is a perfect example of this approach.

Paan Mojito at Tonic


The paan mojito mixes together paan syrup, sweet and sour, Bacardi white, soda, lime wedges and mint leaves to create a refreshing summer cocktail.

Meetha Paan Rasmalai at The Captain’s Table


Finish off a meal of delicious, fresh seafood with a shot of meetha paan ras malai – a delicious dessert.

Paan Mousse at Spice Klub

Paan flavoured cheesecake is wrapped in a beetel leaf and then topped with liquid nitrogen.

Paan Shot at Punjab Grill


Paan masala, betel leaves, ice cream and fennel seeds are blended with rum to make this fun shot.

Paan Kulfi at Barbecue Nation


After enjoying some tandoor grilled appetisers at your table and Barbecue Nations’ buffet spread, finish your meal with paan flavoured kulfi which can be topped with dried fruits.

Paan and Rose Macarons at La Folie


La Folie takes paan and puts it in a macron to create a delicious Indo-European fusion dessert.