7 Quick Food Tips If You’ve Just Found Out You’re Hosting A Halloween Party!

Happy Halloween foodies! If you’ve just woken up and had your spouse/child/next door neighbour/dog tell you that your house will be hosting a Halloween party tonight, have no fear! We have some quick fixes to make your party spookier than spooky!

Ice Some Cupcakes

Head over to your local bakery, buy some plain cupcakes and ice them with spider webs, witches faces and ghosts. They’ll come much cheaper than store bought cupcakes, which may be sold out by now anyways.

Mix Up Some Punch


You barely have to buy anything to mix punch; simply pull out whatever soda is already in your fridge and experiment with mixing a few. Check out this orange sherbet recipe for some inspiration!

Use That Candy


If you’ve bought candy for trick or treaters, cheat a little and use them in some easy to make desserts. Check out Buzzfeed for some great ideas.

Buy Some Dry Ice


If you want to add spook factor to the drinks at your party, have whoever decided that there was going to be a party in the first place go find some dry ice. Add slivers of it to drinks and watch fumes pour out!

Fill Gloves With Party Favours


Stuff plastic gloves with candy or other party favours to hand out to your guests and to trick or treaters.

Scoop Out Some Pumpkins


Take the pulp out of some fat pumpkins and then use them to hold drinks or finger foods. It’ll get your house into the festive look!

Use Icing And Edible Ink


If you’re a baker, you may have a lot of icing and edible ink laying around. Use them to paint spooky faces on foods you’re serving!