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7 Products this year that are so Food-some!


The Year of Food

This year, as always, we’d like to dedicate a post specially to food. Raise a glass to food- that’s brought us these whack tech products that have in turn brought us so much closer (to food). Food, if it weren’t for all the work you put in, we wouldn’t be working so had at these genius products. 

1. The Alarm clock Coffee maker


Wake up and smell some fresh brew. That’s right, ‘coffee in bed’ has a whole new meaning to it.

2. Portable Air conditioner and Cooler


Keep your drinks cool and your body cooler. Simply rad on picnics! 

3. Nifty Egg Separator


Tiny fish, big yolk, do the math. This fish will be the reason your yolk and egg separate. 

4. A Smart Cup


The smart cup analyzes several ‘drink’ related data as you drink up. It will tell you when you’ll be dehydrated next even!

5. Egg Scrambler


Scramble your eggs in the shell. Say what! Try the Golden Egg to believe it.

6. Knife Butter Softener

Tired of staring at hard butter waiting for it to melt? We hear you!

7. Automatic Grill Cleaner


Grillbot- your mom will go bananas when she meets this one.