7 Places In Chennai You Can Go To For Those Last-Minute Diwali Sweets

Diwali is here and with the festival all set to be celebrated, one of the most important elements of the holiday that you just cannot forget is the sweets. Fireworks, new clothes, lamps, and everything else the season calls for is probably ready. So the final thing on your checklist – the sweets. We’re sure you can’t wait to devour some great food during the festivities, and the perfect way to enjoy would be to end the meal with traditional Indian sweets. And yes, everyone’s distributing sweets so you’ve probably got your sweet-fix covered, but don’t forget to spread the love this Diwali and hand out some great boxes of sweets to your families and friends too! 


Here are some great places where you can pick up your Diwali sweets in Chennai, even if it’s at the last minute!



1. Shree Mithai


Shree Mithai is everyone’s favourite sweet shop. There’s plenty for everyone at this enormous sweet shop, with two large outlets in the city at Spurtank Road, and Anna Nagar. Known for producing some fine-quality milk, this store has some of the best milk sweets to offer and definitely can’t be missed!



2. Adyar Ananda Bhavan


Ghee sweets don’t get better than this. For all those traditional Indian sweet lovers, this store has several outlets in different locations across the city and boasts of a wide variety of pure ghee sweets! If you want to indulge in some rich sweets this Diwali, this is where you should be.


3. Gangotree Sweets


Another popular sweet chain in the city, this place is widely known to offer some delectable chaat, but that doesn’t mean the sweets don’t stand out. They are just as popular and are enjoyed by many. An assortment of traditional sweets from Gangotree would make the ideal Diwali gifting box.


4. The Grand Sweets And Snacks


Diwali gift boxes with an assortment of classic sweets for the festive season are already waiting. Head over to Grand Sweets and Snacks if you’re in the mood for some rich sweets that you’d want to gobble on all day. They are that tempting, you may not be able to leave without a box of everything.


5. Sri Krishna Sweets


A favourite to many, this sweet store has several locations in the city, and is of course loved by all. There is no way you can say no to a box of delectable Indian sweets from this place. Known to have some of the best and freshest milk and ghee sweets, this is one not to miss.


6. Dezire


Dezire is an exclusive sweet store for the health-watchers and those looking to pass on the sugar. Sugarfree sweets are popular here, and are great for diabetics to enjoy so they don’t get to miss out on Diwali sweets this season.


7. Kakada Ramprasadmysore-pak

Located in Mint Street, the popular hub for great street food in Sowcarpet, this store houses some fine traditional Indian sweets that are worth gifting your loved ones this festive season. 


So go ahead and grab those delicious sweets! Happy Diwali!