7 Pieces of Food-Inspired Furniture that are Liable to get Covered with Drool

Our homes speak volumes about who we are. Nature lovers fill their halls with plants and photographs of astounding landscapes, while sports lovers may have football themed sheets or a huge video game console to worship FIFA. For you foodies out there designers have come up with a range of food inspired furniture that allows you to revel in your love for food outside of your kitchen. Watch out though, these pieces may cause some ungainly salivation that may ruin your furniture.

1) Candelier


This gummy bear inspired chandelier was crafted using approximately 15,000 hand strung acrylic gummy bears. As each gummy bear is unique it’s a steal at $6,500 from jellio.com

2) Ice Cream Bench

Ice cream bench

Also from jellio.com this ice cream bench looks exactly like the ice cream sandwiches that we stuff our faces with on hot summer days. Chocolate wafer cushions are covered in canvas, while the ice cream centre is made of vinyl.

3) Inflatable Pizza Chair

inflatable pizza chair

Blow up your love for pizza by carrying around this inflatable chair wherever you go. Guaranteed to make you crave pizza all the time.

4) Pepperoni Pizza Pillow

pepporoni pizza pillow

Does you pooch love pizza as much as you? Don’t leave him out – gift him this pizza pillow to inspire lovely pepperoni filled dreams.

5) Let Them Sit Cake

LEt them sit cake

Dejana Kabiljo, a Vienna based architect, created this couch using stacked bags of wheat and artificial icing sugar made of polyol sponge.

6) Chocolate Bar Sofa

chocolate bar sofa

This couch comes complete with hidden pockets where you can hide all your favourite snacks.

7) Cream Poufs

creme sofa

These were designed by Diego Gugliermetto to allow you to live out your fantasy of sinking into a cream pouf.