7 Perfect Champagne Cocktails To Make Your Sunday Brunch Boozy
August 5, 2018
Ishita Khanna (64 articles)

7 Perfect Champagne Cocktails To Make Your Sunday Brunch Boozy

What’s better than a simple glass of Champagne? A jazzed up glass of Champagne Cocktail of course!
Cocktails and Brunches are a match made in heaven and one of the secrets to holding the perfect brunch is to choose a cocktail that complements the style of the food being served. Serve these cocktails with the right snacks and appetizers and you are guaranteed to win the perfect host award! No Kidding.

These Champagne cocktails are bound to make your Sunday Brunch more ‘bubbly’!

  1. The Clipperton Cocktail

  2. Arbor Blush

  3. Rossini Cocktail

  4. Violent Fairytales Cocktail

  5. Moonwalk Cocktail

  6. Pomme Rosé

  7. Sparkling French Martini

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Ishita Khanna

Ishita Khanna

Just a small town girl living the big city dream! Travel, Food, Fashion and Photography is what she lives for.


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